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For the Love of Takos & Beer

They Go So Well Together

The Beer......

Mama Caguamas Takos & Beer is a one-of-a-kind Beer Lovers establishment with a Selection inspired by the Burgeoning Craft beer scene in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and all of Mexico.  We are constantly searching for new brewers, new styles  to fill our refrigerators and  add to the selection of over 90 beers available for you to enjoy at Mama Caguamas'

From the National Beers we love to the obscure Rauch Porter from Bavaria, they are here for you to try and compare. Dive right in, and find your favorite; join us today.

And The Takos......

We take pride in our imaginative selection of Takos freshly prepared to your order. We keep a close eye on the tradition of great Tacos and occasionally add a twist to the favorites.


Try our Pastor, Baja Fish or Bulgogi Tacos and Taste the Difference!

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